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This beautiful island holds many treasures in its own right with outstanding sights such as the town of St. Pierre, the Caribbean Pompeii sitting in the shadow of Mt. Pelee, the active volcano that caused its destruction in 1853. In contrast, the beautiful beaches threeof Anse d'Arlets provides a more classical vacation spot. The real treasure of this island has become the gateway to the windward islands including St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. All easily accessible with the high cruising speed and shallow draft of our catamarans.

Martinique is the largest of the Windward Islands and is surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches and flowers. It also provides excellent snorkeling and diving. In the north and the center of the island discover tropical forests and cool down under picturesque waterfalls. In the south much of the land has been planted with sugarcane, pineapples, and bananas. The capital, Fort de France, is very cosmopolitan with an interesting places to view the island's culture and history.

beachYou can explore this island for a week or two with excellent and varied anchorage’s enjoying delicious French cuisine served in the local restaurants. If you intend to sail mainly around the island take a day or two to explore the fascinating city of St. Pierre, prior to or at the conclusion of your charter, located at the foot of the 4,583 foot-high volcano called Mount Pelée. In 1902, the volcano erupted and destroyed St. Pierre, which was then called "The Paris of the West Indies".

The pleasant small town from where your sailing adventure will begin is Le Marin. It is vast, deep and surrounded by hills and a mangrove. We suggest the following itinerary to our avid sailors.

Sample Itinerary
Day 1: Following the conclusion of your chart briefing and boat inventory checkout, we suggest a short sail to St. Anne, a pretty little town with a quiet anchorage off the beach.
Day 2: Set sail in the morning for the picturesquepalm fishing village of Grand Anse d’Arlet on the West Coast for a lunch stop (approximately three hours sailing). On the way, you will pass by the famous Diamond Rock. Continue in the afternoon with a one-hour sail to the delightful anchorage of Anse Mitan.
treesDay 3: Enjoy this tropical setting or take the daily ferry to Fort de France. You will find a proficient dive shop in Trois Islets, a bay located nearby and a world class golf course.
Day 4: Set sail early today for a 32 mile crossing to St. Lucia and the spectacular anchorage of Marigot Bay. Clear customs here and spend the evening in this beautiful sheltered harbor.
Day 5: Sail for two hours to the small rustic town of Soufriere by the Deux Pitons (St, Lucia’s Landmark). The scenery is breathtaking, and diving in this area is outstanding!
cactusDay 6: Sail North for four hours to Rodney Bay, which offers a well-protected anchorage. You will find good snorkeling around Pigeon Island
Day 7: Clear out with St. Lucia customs and sail to the anchorage of St. Anne passage.
Day 8: This last hour sail back to Le Marin completescooltree your sailing adventure with us until your next charter.

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