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Crewed Yacht Management
cryachtYou are probably the owner of a beautiful catamaran, you have a wonderful Crew on board, you were told you would get at least x weeks of charter per year with someone else doing all the hard work........but it just did not happen the way you were told, and you are disappointed with the results.

Well, you have come to the right place, or rather right web page! First and foremost you need a good Clearinghouse, sometimes called a Central Agency, to maximize your charter activity.

If you know of anyone else who specializes in all types of luxury catamarans, who has marketing offices in both the USA and Europe, who regularly circulates information to Charter Brokers worldwide, advertises widely in yachting magazines, attends all major yachting trade shows in thecat Caribbean, Europe and the USA, maintains 2 comprehensive websites , updates the CDI Guide (the "Broker's Bible") monthly, and maintains operating bases throughout the Caribbean, please let us know! We have never heard of them, and who knows, they might almost be as good as we are!

Seriously, we really do carry out all of the above, but in addition, and in part because of our fleet of bareboat catamarans, we have experts resident in the Caribbean who can advise and assist on all aspects of operating and maintaining your yacht.

Call us and we will try to ensure that you obtain maximum pleasure from your investment whilst minimizing the worries of ownership. Please request our owner's manual.

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