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Guaranteed Income
GuaranteedThis program is designed for those individuals who need a firm, fixed commitment from the Charter Company over the life of the program. Having the mortgage paid off by the end of the contract is not a priority. It allows the flexibility to stay in the program for up to 4 years at the owner's choice- therefore, suiting those owners who do not wish or are not able to commit to a longer or fixed term contract.

GuaranteedDeposit and Financing: 25% of the purchase price with conventional financing of the balance.

Returns: We guarantee your monthly mortgage payment including capital and interest for as long as you keep your yacht in our fleet.

Personal Usage: Use your yacht for up to 8 weeks per year.

Length of Commitment: 12 months to 48 months. We only ask that you give us 90 days notice.

Early terminations: No payment required.

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