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Tropical Yacht Service's base at Marina "du bas du fort" is located in the center of activity in the town of Pointe a Pitre. The many restaurants with their French Creole flavor are reminiscent of the Paris cafes. Also being in the center of the Caribbean chain, it allows you to travel one way North toward St. Martin or South to our base of Martinique. The Catamaran Company is the exclusive representative for Tropical Yacht Service in North America.

Gualeloupe Islands A perfect place to cruise South to the picturesque Isle des Saintes and Dominica, on to the tropical splendor of Basse Terre, Grande Terre and Marie Galante or travel North to the island of Montserrat and Antigua, St. Kitts and Nevis and ultimately St. Martin.

Guadeloupe, known by the Caribs as Karukera (Island of pretty waters), has a population of 330,000 and is part of France. The island is shaped similar to a large butterfly with Riviere Salée, a mangrove type river, separating the two islands. Our base is located in the capital city, Pointe a Pitre, where you will find a colorful and lively Creole atmosphere.

beachGrand Terre is the eastern low land with small villages, sugar cane plantations and awe-inspiring cliffs on its northeast side. Located on the far-east end you can hike to the top of Pointe des Chateaux and enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire island of Guadeloupe. Base Terre is the western, largest island with a tropical rain forest taking over a lush world of rivers and the highest waterfalls in the Caribbean.

The volcano La Soufriere at 4,813 feet is the highest mountain in the Lesser Antilles. Just a half-hour walk from the parking area you will reach the 350-foot high Carbet Waterfalls where you can bathe in the hot springs! Here is a suggested itinerary that we provide to our avid sailors!

Sample Itinerary
Day 1: Pigeon Island on the Western side of Basse Terre and Cousteau’s Underwater Park where you can experience spectacular diving.
beachDay 2: Illes des Saintes, 24 nautical miles south, is a small group of islands. Bourg des Saintes is the only smalll town located on the main island. Terre d’en Haut, anchor and awaken to fresh croissants and baguettes. You can easily spend a few days here and enjoy its idyllic charm, abundant beaches, great snorkeling and the fantastic view from the mountains climbing up to an impressive 1,000 feet.
Day 3: Marie-Galante, about 14 miles East is a rare unspoiled haven with beautiful turquoise lagoons surrounding its many white sandy beaches. The sugar cane on the island is still produced the old palmfashion way. If you decide to go on one of the many hiking trails you will pass by windmills and ox drawn carts. *On a 7 day sailing vacation you would probably remain within the locations we just listed. If you intend to stay longer you could sail to Dominica.
Day 4: Head South from Marie Galante for a 22- mile crossing to Portsmouth, Dominica. The island lacks white sandy beaches but is a nature lover’s paradise and a guided tour of the island is a priority. The 17,000-acre park is a rain forest with waterfalls and freshwater crater lakes, as well as the 190 degrees volcanic lake.


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