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SIRENA V50 / VOYAGE yacht / 50’
Our Crew / Number: 2 / Language: ENGLISH, SPANISH, CATALAN

Crew Profiles:

Wit Morris is a Southern boy from Charleston, SC and his southern charm is apparent upon first introduction. He grew up on the local waters there and developed a life long passion for water and adventure on vessels of all shapes and sizes. After college he left the states to travel the world and discover the beauty of life in other cultures. Along the way he honed in on his love of water and became a professional Scuba Instructor. He has lived and traveled through various countries around the world but always finds himself settling near a body of water. In 2017 he found himself in the clear waters of the Virgin Islands and never left. Ever since he has been sailing and motoring around the USVI/BVIs and enjoying life. His knowledge and love of the sea is intoxicating and sure to leave an impression once aboard.

Cpt Wit holds a USCG 50 ton license with and auxiliary sail endorsement and FCC radio license. Furthermore he also hold a PADI Scuba Instructor license and is safety trained in CPR First Aid, AED, and child CPR.

Mireia Clusella Font hails from beautiful Barcelona, Spain and fluent in Catalan, Spanish and English. Growing up with 3 brothers she learned to be strong, independent, and yet graceful as the only girl in the family. After finishing university she travelled to the Phillipines where she discovered her love of water and travel through SCUBA. She quickly climbed the ranks to become a PADI Scuba Instructor and traveled throughout the world working on the waters and enjoying her passion of adventure. In 2017 she moved to the Virgin Islands and immediately started sharing her knowledge as a crew member on various vessels in the area.

With her exotic European outtake on life she aims to give you an experience that shall never be forgotten. Whether swimming with the turtles underwater, telling you tales of some of her adventures, or serving a freshly cooked European delight she is sure to put a smile on your face and an impression that will last a lifetime.

Mireia's safety training puts her in a field to make anyone comfortable. She is not only trained in CPR, First Aid, AED, and child CPR but she is also an instructor for each of these fields. She is also trained as a PADI Scuba Instructor and loves to share her vast knowledge of aquatic life.

Mireia and Wit met in Honduras working for the same scuba company and have been inseparable ever since. For the past 5 years they have traveled around the world together, worked and lived together, and eventually got married. During this time they have perfected the harmony of working as a team on any vessel they come aboard as Captain and crew. They're passion and love for both life and the sea is something they love to share with any and every guest that steps on board.



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Witt Morris

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50 Ton Master

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Mireia Clusella

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