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For all provisioning needs please complete the below order forms for delivery to your yacht and return to and receive 2 free bags of ice.

Provisions will be delivered when the guests are present on board to accept and check it and stow away. The Catamaran Company cannot accept any responsibility for any orders delivered.

Provisioning in BVI, Tortola
Bareboat Catamaran Charters Provisoning
We highly recommend that you pre-arrange provisioning. Save time and precious vacation dollars! We recommend Riteway Food Market. All food items ordered will be delivered to your yacht at no additional charge on the first day of your charter. It is the charter guest responsibility to store items away upon delivery and any missing or spoiled items must be addressed immediately with the vendor upon delivery.
Provisioning/Dining Tips
Please click on the provisioning orders below to place your order and have Riteway deliver it to your boat:

The Catamaran Company is not affiliated with Riteway therefore orders are placed and payment is made directly to Riteway. You order is only confirmed once you receive an email from Riteway and delivery needs to be schedule after 12PM the day of your charter or 5PM if you are sleeping aboard the night before



These tips were written up by guests who experienced a week on charter. These are just tips you may wish to consider.

    1. Ask your charter agent the size of the freezer/fridge. Some catamarans are equipped with separate fridge and freezer while other catamarans have a combo fridge Freezer. This will tell you how much frozen goods you can order beforehand.


    1. On some yachts there is a cockpit fridge. Check your yacht specs or ask your agent if one is onboard.


    1. Keep in mind that every island offers a restaurant/bar. If you and your group choose to eat ashore often during your week aboard, ensure you factor that into your provisioning order.


    1. Ice is available on most islands and in some cases a vendor might approach your yacht asking if you want to spend $5 on a bag while on charter. This is handy as you don’t need to go ashore first thing in the morning. The ‘guy on the dinghy’ might even take your trash for you for another $4. There is a cooler onboard that can be loaded up with ice which is necessary to store all drinks.


    1. Some boats have blenders for all your mixed drinks. Please check the yacht specs or ask your agent if your boat offers one. A coffee percolator is provided on each yacht. Some boats do have coffee makers and again we advise you to check the yacht specs or ask your agent.


    1. Purchase another box of large trash bags. We do provide 1 bag of trash bags that fit the dustbin, yet we feel that extra pack is useful.


    1. We do provide some detergent and dish soap but we would recommend that you purchase a bottle of cleaning fluid. So when you do partake in the daily cleaning, you can wipe the counters clean with some bacteria cleaner to leave that clean, fresh smell.
      Condiments and spices are not provided therefore keep that in mind when ordering provisioning.


    1. Try to plan out your meals and itinerary beforehand. This kind of prep goes a long way and can enhance your vacation and make it stress free. Share the provisioning shopping list with your friends/family before you commence your charter. Get together for dinner to plan it.


    1. For some reason, Seafood tastes great on the BBQ when on charter. Try the tuna steaks. That is a favorite on charter. If you make it to Anegada, go ashore and enjoy the local crayfish. This is regarded as one of the best meals to be had in the British Virgin Islands.


    1. Don’t forget to purchase plenty of water. In our experience on charter, we went through at least a gallon a day.


    1. For a family of four expect to spend approximately $600 which includes beverages/soft drinks; double the amount for group of eight.


      The Catamaran Company does provide a Starter Kit listed below at the price of $55. If you wish to purchase your own let us know and we can remove the charge. Onboard there are 2 rolls of toilet paper per head and two complimentary small soaps per head but we recommend you purchase additional soap or bring it with you. In our experience on charter that amount of toilet paper was adequate

      One bottle of dishwashing liquid is adequate. Yet, if you want to save water, try a “JOY BATH”. This is when you jump into the water from the transom, get out, place JOY DISH SOAP on yourself, and lather yourself…yes, even your hair. Jump back in…wash off. Get back on the transom and use the cockpit shower to rinse off. This option is mostly popular with the men. My children tried this once…and enjoyed it and we saved water. We did not even refill up once during charter. In fact, we had water all the way to day seven. If you go with this option purchase another bottle of Joy soap.


    1. Matches

      Six boxes of matches onboard. This should be adequate.


    1. Rum:

      Complimentary from The Catamaran Company, a bottle of Pussers Rum is placed onboard. Most guests forget to take it! Don’t, it is a good memory of your vacation.


    1. Starter Kit Includes:
      • 2 Rolls of toilet paper per head and 2 soaps per head
      • 1 roll of paper towel
      • 1 bottle (small ) of dishwashing liquid
      • 1 bottle (small) of disinfectant
      • 6 boxes of matches
      • 1 green scouring pad
      • 1 pkt of hand wipes
      • 1 box of large garbage bags
      • 1 bottle of rum


    1. Fresh Produce:

      Lettuce and tomatoes don’t seem to have a long life. You can purchase all fresh goods on each island your visit. Don’t get overwhelmed in the beginning with the provisioning. One can always go ashore to purchase fresh goods so don’t go big in the beginning unless it is potatoes or onions etc.


    1. Bread:

      Always place it in freezer if possible. Bread is well packaged in Tortola and is meant to be placed in Fridge or freezer to last longer.


    1. Paper Towels:

      Even though we provide you with one roll of paper towels, you may need another one. Remember, our Starter Kit is exactly that…a starter kit. You may start with it but you won’t finish with it. Paper Towels go quickly, especially if you have kids onboard.


    1. Scouring pads/cloths:

      We do provide one of these, but I advise to purchase more dishcloths.


  1. Consider investigating the other sailing option which is an all inclusive crewed yacht vacation. If all this planning is simply too much to handle let the crew arrange it all. There are many different types of crewed yachts on the charter market that will match your likings. Ask your charter agent about the crew and different yachts available. Some are more than affordable than you think and some of course are very exclusive.
Bareboat Catamaran Charters Provisoning
Bareboat Catamaran Charters Provisoning
Bareboat Catamaran Charters Provisoning
Bareboat Catamaran Charters Provisoning
Bareboat Catamaran Charters Provisoning
Bareboat Catamaran Charters Provisoning
Bareboat Catamaran Charters Provisoning
Bareboat Catamaran Charters Provisoning
Bareboat Catamaran Charters Provisoning
Bareboat Catamaran Charters Provisoning
Bareboat Catamaran Charters Provisoning
Bareboat Catamaran Charters Provisoning
Bareboat Catamaran Charters Provisoning
Bareboat Catamaran Charters Provisoning
Bareboat Catamaran Charters Provisoning
Bareboat Catamaran Charters Provisoning
Even though Riteway is our preferred choice, there are other provisioning stores in Road Town that you can purchase from such as Bobbys

Yet, we have put together some FAQ’s about Riteway for you.

What is Riteway On-Line shopping?

Riteway On-Line is the most efficient way to purchase groceries on-line before you even reach the BVI. We offer a large selection of items to choose from which can be delivered to your specified on island location.


How does it work?

Simply go to the product category and make your selections. Your items will be placed in your shopping cart and can be reviewed or revised at any time. When you have completed your order proceed to “Check Out” and fill in the payment and delivery forms. It’s that easy!

Or ask your charter agent to send you a copy of the shopping list. But please do send to the vendor directly by fax or e-mail.

When can I place order with Riteway On-Line?

For your convenience, orders are accepted 24 hours a day.

Can I trust that the produce will be the freshest possible?

Your grocery list will be hand picked and packed carefully trained staff who will only choose the very best from our high quality selection. It is as if you were shopping yourself.

How far ahead do I have to order?

You must order at least 48 hours prior to delivery date. We recommend two days notice but can accept orders up to 4 weeks ahead of time.

Who will deliver my groceries?

When your order has been chosen, delivery vans and crew will ensure that you receive your order in perfect condition.

Do I need a credit card to place an order with Riteway On-Line?

Yes. They require a credit card as a payment guarantee to set up the account with Riteway On-Line. You may, however, pay for your order by cash or travelers checks at time of delivery (sorry, no US cheques, due to the length of clearing time). We accept Visa, American Express and MasterCard.

Is it safe to use my credit card to purchase groceries from Riteway On-Line?

Yes. Your credit card information is encrypted to ensure that it cannot be read as it travels over the Internet.

How do I speak person to person to someone at Riteway?

You may contact customer services department on 284 494 2263 or fax us on   284 494 2222. Office hours are 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday (Atlantic time and do not have daylight savings time)


While in the BVI – visit one of our many convenient

Riteway Foodmarkets or Affiliated Stores.

Riteway Pasea – Our flagship store: 5 minutes from the The Moorings/10 minutes from The Catamaran Company

Riteway Road Reef Plaza & Marina: West of Road Town, next to Tortola Marine Management

Riteway Flemming St, Road Town: In the heart of Road Town

Rite Breeze: In East End, at Seabreeze Marina

FineFoods: In the heart of East End

Cash and Carry Locations at Pasea Estate, Tortola and Virgin Gorda: Just south of Spanish Town

Riteway Pasea
7:30am -10pm Monday to Saturday, 7:30am – 9pm on Sunday

Our flagship store, is located 3 minutes from the Moorings/10 minutes from The Catamaran Company. Choose from our fresh produce, well stocked dairy department, our selection of fine teas, coffee and preserves and our very extensive range of US & UK imports. We also boast an in store deli, bakery, butcher and fresh fish counter. Sandwiches, rotisserie chicken and hot deli items are always available. Next door, you will find our Cash & Carry, for larger quantity purchases.

Riteway Foodmarkets – Road Reef Plaza & Marina
8am – 7pm Monday – Saturday, 8am – 3pm on Sunday

This store is conveniently situated out of town going west. It’s close proximity to TMM Yacht Charters and Prospect Reef Resort makes it an ideal location. It has a good range of fresh produce and frozen products, as well as staples and selected liquors. Fresh sandwiches and rotisserie chicken available at lunch time

Riteway Foodmarkets – Flemming Street
7:30am – 8pm Monday to Thursday, 9pm Friday & Saturday, 8am – 7:30pm on Sunday

This store is located on Flemming St in the heart of bustling Road Town and offers fresh and frozen products, meats, seafoods, canned goods and a good selection of spirits, wines, beers and cigarettes and serves sandwiches and hot food at lunchtime.

Rite Breeze
7:30am to 7:30pm Monday to Saturday and 8am to 5pm on Sunday

Convenient for all eastern marinas and homes, Ritebreeze is located on the coastal road near Seabreeze marina, going towards the airport. Here our convenient yet compact store is full of a great selection of fresh and frozen products, liquor, wines and cigarettes. Prices are the same as in all other Riteway stores, so go on – take a look.

Fine Foods
7:30am – 8pm Monday to Thursday, 9pm Friday & Saturday, 8am – 7:30pm on Sunday

We are located in the heart of East End at Fine Foods. Here you will find a large and varied selection of fresh and frozen product, groceries, wines, spirits and more.

Virgin Gorda – RTW
Monday to Saturday 8am – 6pm

On the road to the Baths, this convenient location which has more of a Cash and Carry format helps us to adequately supply many villas, homes and restaurants on Virgin Gorda. You can once again find a large range of products, at this location.