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Itinerary: British Virgin Islands

Itinerary: British Virgin Islands

First Afternoon/Night

Depart Hodges Creek and set your sails for Peter Island. If early in the day anchor in Deadman’s Bay and swim into to check out the beach and resort. This is also a great place to snorkel up against the east side of the bay, you are almost certain to see Turtles and Eagle Rays. You may either stay in Deadman’s Bay for the night (check how rolly it is), of move around to Great Harbour Peter Island and pick up a mooring ball for the night. There is also nice snorkeling on the south side of this bay next to the little resort/restaurant.

Day 1

Sail from Peter Island to Norman Island. Snorkel at the Indians and the Caves. Head into The Bight and pick up a mooring ball for the night. Check out the Pirates Bight for a great happy hour and a fun game of giant Jenga and then dance the night away at the famour Willy T. The Pirates Bight is newly renovated and has a nice atmosphere is you care to eat ashore. You can also eat aboard The Willy T if you are looking for something a little more casual.

Day 2

Head of the Bight and set your sails for a beautiful downwind leg to Soper’s Hole. Pick up a mooring ball and head in to do some shopping, this is also a great place to provision. If you need to bring on water/drop trash/pick up ice, this is a good place to do it. Be patient though, as there is often a queue of boats waiting to get on the pier. When finished with shopping, head out of Soper’s Hole and set your sails for White Bay on Jost Van Dyke. This is the home of the famour Soggy Dollar Bar. There are newly installed mooring balls in White Bay. Pick up a mooring ball and head ashore. Note there is very little space for anchoring in White Bay, if there are not Moorings available, check down south side of the bay near Ivan’s. Enjoy your afternoon on the beach and you can either stay in White Bay for a nice quiet night, or head around to Great Harbour, home of Foxy’s. Great Harbour is a great spot to bring on water/get ice and get rid of your trash. The dock is located on the North side of Great Harbour and the owner is a really nice guy!

Day 3

Take it easy mid week and hang out around Jost Van Dyke and it’s surrendering islands. Sandy Cay is not to be missed. Either sail or motor to this little island of paradise, pick up a mooring ball and swim ashore. It is best to leave the dinghy at the boat at this location as the swells tend to surge on and off the beach. Take some flip flops and water shoes with you, this island has a great little 20 minute hike. The views off the North Side are spectacular! Also, look out….don’t step on the many little hermit crabs that inhabit this island. When you are finished with Sandy Cay, take a trip over to Diamond Cay for a lunch stop. You can either eat on the boat or go ashore to Foxy’s Taboo. This is also a good bay for snorkeling as long as the wind isn’t blowing too strong. The reef isn’t necessarily that spectacular, there are many turtles and sting rays here. Look for the turtle grass off the concrete pier and hang out..turtles will come. If you are feeling comfortable in Diamond Cay, it’s a great place to spend the night, if you feel like moving, head out one bay over to Little Harbour, home of Sydney’s Peace and Love Restaurant. If you are going to have Lobster on your trip here in the BVI’s, this is where you want to have it! You’re mooring ball is free for the night if you eat at the restaurant!

Day 4

Get ready for a great sailing day. Get an early start and sail up to Monkey Point on Ghana Island. Monkey point is a wonderful place to snorkel (unless there is a north swell in which case you will not want to stop here). After Monkey Point, move around to either Marina Cay or Trellis Bay for the night. Both are wonderful places to go ashore for dinner, Marina Cay offers some happy hour entertainment, while The Last Resort offers some wonderful and hilarious after dinner entertainment. Take your pick, both restaurants are wonderful!

Day 5

Get an early start heading out to the dogs. Either stop on Great Dog or George Dog for some snorkling and then set your sails heading to the North Sound. Pick up a mooring ball at Bitter End Yacht Club and go ashore to explore. If you are feeling like you need to shop, stretch those legs and go for a hike, or simply relax on the beach in a chair, this is the place to do it! For happy hour your have two choices, you can stay at Bitter End, and head to Saba Rock where they feed the Tarpon (and don’t forget to check out the Tucans) or you can head to Leverick Bay (Monday – Thursday during high season) for the Michael Beans Happy AARRR show. Pick up a mooring at Leverick Bay and you get 100 gallons of water and a bag of ice FREE!

Day 6

Get an early start and sail downwind the beautiful cost of Virgin Gorda to the Baths. Spend some time checking out these cool rock formations. This is not to be missed! After the Baths, set your sails to Manchaneel Bay on Cooper Island. This bay fills up fast so it’s a good idea to get there early (December – April). There something for everyone at Cooper Island. Snorkling, beach, restaurant, bar and even a boutique to go shopping. Enjoy a restful afternoon on your last day. The restaurant at Cooper is very good, but make sure to make reservations as it books up fast!

Day 7

Have a relaxing morning before setting your sails back to Hodges Creek!