The Catamaran Company is here for our clients. This is our reaction to COVID 19

The Catamaran Company has deployed a series of actions as our comprehensive, corporate response to the challenges presented by COVID 19. We will be showing you many of these actions on video. On this first Public Service Announcement, Caroline Laviolette, one of our expert brokers at The Catamaran Company, puts her mask on, and takes us to our Catamaran Row in The Lauderdale Marine Center. This video will show you the protocol we have established for the safe interaction of our brokers and clients while looking at a boat. The Catamaran Company is open for business. Our brokers are ready to share their expertise with our customers. We have beautiful catamarans at our docks and South Florida is starting to re-open. There are plenty of opportunities. Give us a call at (954) 449-46-11 or email

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