Back in 2019, we made the decision that the 2020 Miami Boat Show would be our last big boat show as we had come to the conclusion that we no longer believed in boat shows as the best way to provide a true experience for our customers. We looked back historically for the past 5 years (pre-Covid) and realized that corporately we were spending tens of thousands of dollars on boat show stands and the same, if not more, on travel and accommodations for staff with all of our staff having to be away from their family during the entire show and came to the conclusion that it was simply not worth it. All we ever ended up with was a few frenzied minutes with the people we actually wanted to see and then spent the rest of our time entertaining tourists. Most customers are already well educated on what is on offer long before they get to the show and at the end of the day, the only way people buy anything today is with private tours of boats away from all the mayhem of a boat show. So we asked ‘what’s the point in all that and how can we take the time when people are in town to actually have good, informative conversations about what clients want to buy and how they want to use their future boat?’

As most of you know, in 2015 The Catamaran company purchased Pier 7 Marina in Edgewater, Maryland. Since then we have invested heavily in turning the marina around from somewhere no one ever dared go after dark to a place that is now the premier marina in the area and the number one place for catamarans. In fact, Pier 7 now has more late-model catamarans moored at its docks than anywhere else in the entire country. Our clients who own these boats appreciate the catamaran-centric attitude of Pier 7 with space for almost 40 catamarans at a time in wide, stern-too slips or side-too slips that have been upgraded to keep your boat safe. 

We offer year-round in-water or on-land storage using our new custom hydraulic lift to haul catamarans up to 57 feet.  Our marina is right next to the South River bridge which brings with it additional protection and we are only 20 minutes from the Chesapeake bay itself. This location allows catamarans to get to multiple places in just a short time and the sightseeing and cruising is amazing.
With all that said, we decided that we would much rather spend some time with clients at the marina during the boat show so that you can really understand what it is like to be a catamaran owner, to be able to see all these boats and their happy owners and compare them from the docks and to take a look at some of our listings and stock boats we have for sale. If you are already a catamaran owner, we want you to see what the best catamaran marina in town is like. Therefore, we are excited to offer you a different alternative this year!

 You are invited to come to our open house and a private tour of Pier 7 Marina any time on Thursday or Friday during the boat show. By all means, stick with your original plan and go visit the show and look at the new boats on display and once you have decided which one you want after seeing the manufacturer displays, you can head on over to see us at Pier 7 marina and get a feel for what it will be like when you actually own your dream boat. Our sales staff will also be on hand to help talk you through any purchasing decision and to help find you the absolute best catamaran for your plans. Grab a seat at the bar overlooking the marina and join us for a drink at the bar and some apps any time before 7 pm.

We really hope to see as many of you as we can during our open house BUT if you miss it we are also going to be doing a Spring Boat Show during May 2022. If you have a boat that you are thinking about selling or if you are planning to be seriously in the market to buy, you do not want to miss this event! 
If you have a boat that you are thinking about selling contact us now to ask about our free winter dockage promotion for clients with listings at Pier 7. This way you are already here at the marina and ready for our spring show!