• There are 6 available Slots
  • The cost of one share is $55,630
  • Enjoy tax advantages
  • Operating costs covered by charter revenue 
  • Owner holds a title in LLC
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For the first time in our Fractional Program we are pleased to announce that we have ordered an Owner’s interior layout with the entire Starboard hull laid out for a full owner’s stateroom.

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In addition to launching our first Owner’s layout catamaran, we are also offering owners the opportunity to sail the Chesapeake this summer or participate in her offshore delivery to Tortola or just wait until she arrives in the beautiful Caribbean waters of the British Virgin Islands.

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$55,630 Per Share

There are numerous tax benefits and you get to charter without having to pay rental fees in the British Virgin Islands. 

View a Previously Sold Boat -Bali 4.6 "Breezin"

Equal Owners Usage in BVI

This vessel will have 10 owners so this will guarantee all owners get equal time. Choose your sailing vacation destination or participate in the offshore delivery vacation destination or participate in the offshore delivery.

View a Previously Sold Boat -Bali 4.6 "Cool Breeze"

Control The Boat Maintenance

Because owners of fractional shares involve direct ownership, each user has greater control over how the boat is used and maintained and where it is located.

View a Previously Sold Boat -Bali 5.4 "Sea Breeze"

Cover The Operating Costs

Operating costs are covered to a large degree by charter revenue in this charter program. The annual operating costs such as insurance, dockage, annual haul out, and scheduled maintenance are largely covered by income from chartering the yacht. 

View a Previously Sold Boat -Lagoon 450 "Sea Runner III"

Save up to 90% on Ownership

With traditional yacht ownership, the owner spends around 10 percent of the total value of the yacht annually but with our model based on five years, one can save up to 90 percent of the cost of traditional yacht ownership. 

View a Previously Sold Boat -Lagoon 450 "Sea Runner IV"

This is a unique opportunity to join the partners already in this program. They have been operating since 2005 and the current charter business plan has been proven to work well and if you inquire and are serious the current partners can give you a call to explain the entire program! 

Various ownership options available

from 10% to 60%

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