A Guaranteed Income Program Where The Guarantee Means Guaranteed!

Own A  Lagoon 450 F Charter Catamaran In The British Virgin Islands.
Charter Program Details:

Selling Price:

$549K selling price aboard Lagoon 450 F
The price includes the use of full charter equipment including the dinghy and outboard.
Financing Details:

$100K down
Financing? Not necessary as The Catamaran company will finance you at 7.5%
No income verification

$4,162 per month guaranteed, covers 100% of the loan payments for capital and interest.

Total Guarantee $100,0000 of which $50K in escrow for duration of charter guarantee agreement

Charter Program Details: 

Find out detailed info about the duration of the program and amount of charter weeks granted.

Program starts March 1st with first payment due  April 15th, 2021.