Sailing Resume: The Catamaran Company in British Virgin Islands

Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Thank you for considering us for your next catamaran sailing vacation. We do require that you fill in an up-to-date resume upon booking a catamaran in BVI. We do promote pre-approval and if in doubt fill in our resume and hit submit. Our Base Manager will look, and we should let you know within 48 hours. If we feel that you resume might be lacking in certain areas, we do request that you take a check-out-skipper for the day at your expense. The Catamaran Company priority is to ensure you have a safe charter and an enjoyable one! Please ask any questions by emailing or calling 1800-262 -0308

We will require suitable prior SKIPPERING experience on a COMPARABLY SIZE VESSEL (e.g same size or bigger vessel as the one you wish to charter) and for a COMPARABLE journey (ex: more than a couple continuous days/nights skippering experience); skippering experience on a smaller vessel or crewing experience on comparable vessel WILL NOT QUALIFY YOU. Boat Certification or License will not automatically qualify you. This is especially true of our largest cats like the Lagoon 500's, Lagoon 50. and 52's for which you will be required STRONG experience.
What catamaran size are you wanting to charter in bvi?
It is very important that we receive this information from all charterers.
2. If your answer to question 1 was yes AND less than 3 years AND on boat same size or bigger, skip steps 3 through 14, submit this form and proceed to the next form, PAYMENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS, otherwise please complete the resume below.
If yes, please fill out the table below. We require to see all SKIPPERING experience on COMPARABLY SIZED SAILING VESSELS (e.g. same length OR bigger vessel) TO THE VESSEL YOU WISH TO CHARTER with details (type of journey, length etc). Skippering a smaller vessel or sailing/crewing on a comparable or bigger vessel will NOT qualify you. Resumes will not be approved without suitable experience being listed. If the charter was a bareboat charter, indicate whether you were captain or crew.
4. List any yachts that you have owned (type, length, displacement, years owned).
11. Are you familiar with piloting (coastal navigation with use of charts, compass, parallel rules and onboard electronics)? Yes No
If yes, please describe your experience(s)
Many competent yachtsmen have never owned their own yachts or have not chartered before. If you have recently acted in a position of responsibility as a skipper/crew, please give all details on a separate sheet of paper. list any additional information which you feel is pertinent or may be helpful in assisting us in evaluating your experience and he experience of your crew so that we may ensure a safe and enjoyable vacation for your charter party.
If you wish to spend your first day on charter with one of our qualified captains, please ask your charter consultant.
13. Yachting/Personal references (other than family or crew members)
14. Crew list (Please list all members of your charter party).
First Mate
Lagoon 500,Lagoon 50 & 52 Resume Submittal:
  • Upon deposit received, customer has 7 days to return the resume. Detailed Captain Resume along with first mate resume must be submitted.
  • If chartered the Lagoon 500 or 52 prior – resume is already approved.
  • If customer is not qualified to skipper the Lagoon 500/52 the customer must hire a skipper for part, or the duration of the charter. The duration of the skipper is dependent on the decision of the Bareboat Manager, from the experience outlined in the resume.
  • If customer disagrees and will not hire skipper then customer must cancel or downgrade to a smaller catamaran.
  • Normal cancellation terms will apply if customer cancels.
  • We will provide a guarantee that the resume will be looked at and the decision to approve or deny will be made within 10 days. At that point, a part or full time skipper can be decided upon at the charterer’s cost, or charter must be cancelled.