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Canadian and International Citizens can now access specialized financing options to buy U.S. boats from the world's leading multihull retailers, The Catamaran Group.

In a special partnership between The Catamaran Group and Bill Green, a leading International Advisor, families outside the United States can now explore buying their dream catamaran via Bill's special relationship to some of the world's top financial institutions. Bill recently spoke to Catamarans.com about this new partnership.

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A final thought on buying a yacht from one of our brokers:

"Some might be able to add up all the boats sold, some place a dollar value on transactions to date. I prefer to think of the customers and boats and the wonderful places that all have visited. Okay, just for the fun of it, I would imagine it would be well over 30M in negotiated transacted dollars via hundreds of yachts sold both list and sell.... each new sale is as much of an adventure for me as it is for my customers. "
- A broker at The Catamaran Company

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