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12 Spots available for Charter Income Earners!
A mix of charter & owners versions is in charter demand

Available in Tortola, BVI with The Catamaran Company
(Updated 11/28/2012)

Act fast! These limited "Charter Income Earner" spots will fill up quick depending on who purchases their choice first from our list below. Availability will change subject to new purchases throughout the year.

Only a limited number of charter or owners versions spots are available from Lagoon & Gemini new dealership models in our charter fleet. Be the first to secure your spot!

Program Benefits:

  • Earn the highest return of revenue compared to any other Charter Company in the Caribbean.
  • Enjoy unlimited owners usage at any time on your own personal catamaran.
  • Feel assured that your catamaran will be booked with charter reservations by the time she arrives in charter service in Tortola, BVI.
  • Enjoy the advantages of superior maintenance by expert catamaran technicians
  • Benefit from intimate knowledge of product of Lagoon & Gemini catamarans
  • Huge potential tax benefits
  • Enjoy our Yacht Exchange and trade a week onboard a catamaran throughout the world.

More Information on our Program


Choose from our list below and be the first to secure your version in charter

Due to increased reservations and demand and catamarans ending their contracts we have opened up slots for the following catamarans. Please note that the more cabins you have available for charter, the better your revenue income will be. This is the reason we must limit the amount of owner versions in our fleet. In this way we can ensure your earn the revenue estimated on your charter projections. It is imperative to move fast if you wish to have an owner's version in our charter program.

Bareboat Catamarans available to purchase for Bareboat Management Program:

Gemini Legacy 35 - 2 Models

  • Owners Version: 2 Cabin/2 head

Lagoon 380

  • Owners Version: 3 Cabin/2 head
  • Charter Version: 4 Cabin/2 Head

Lagoon 39

  • Owners Version: 3 Cabin/2 Head
  • Charter Version: 4 Cabin/2 head

Lagoon 400 S2

  • Charter Version: 4 Cabin/2 Head
  • Charter Version: 4 Cabin/4 Head

Lagoon 421

  • Owners Version: 3 Cabin/3 Head
Lagoon 450 SOLD!
  • Charter Version: 4 Cabin/4 Head

Lagoon 52

  • Owner Version: 3 cabin/3 Head
  • Owners Version: 4 Cabin/4 Head
  • Charter Version: 5 Cabin/5 Head

View more detailed information on available models

Request Charter Info on available Bareboat Models

Purchasing a catamaran for Charter can be an overwhelming experience. You will need help from an experienced Charter Agent and Yacht Sales Broker. Upon the decision of purchasing a catamaran we will provide you with Charter Projections to help you through the process of purchasing a Charter Catamaran. We will assist you with from start to finish when purchasing a charter catamaran for sailing vacations. We will ensure your catamaran is equipped with all the correct equipment and gear.

The following page has been updated as of 11/28/2012. Information and slots open will be subject to change. Please visit news pages on our purchase for charter program for more updates.

Please contact us for more information
You may also call 1-800-262-0308 to speak to A Charter Agent now.

Click on thumbnails for larger image

Gemini Legacy 35

Lagoon 380

Lagoon 39

Lagoon 400 S2

Lagoon 421

Lagoon 450

Lagoon 52


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