<%@LANGUAGE="VBSCRIPT" CODEPAGE="1252"%> Emirates Boat Show Nov. 25 - 29th, 2008
Emirates Boat Show Nov. 25 - 29th, 2008
Visit The Catamaran Company in Abu Dhabi Boat Show!
Joann Higgins, Charter Broker By Head Office

Released: 11/14/08
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You ask why Abu Dhabi? Probably because the economy has made us make some serious "Life Style Changes". But these changes have allowed us to still afford a Luxury Caribbean Vacation...

The Catamaran Company is exhibiting on November 25th - 29th in Abu Dhabi. A hub for some serious “Wealthy" clientele or just regular Expats like myself....who are still able to travel to exotic destinations like the Caribbean.

If you live in the Middle East or are considering moving here, then be assured that you will travel. You will travel to places that you thought were to far and too "OUT THERE" when living in the USA.

For example we could offer you a sailing vacation in Maldives & Seychelles located in the Indian Ocean. Perfect sailing for the hardcore sailors& advanced divers but still with five star resorts and services that revolve around Children.

Consider Tahiti with a stop over in Hawaii....when in the Middle East, that is normal!

Consider the Great Barrier Reef in Australia or how about Tahiti?

Our best product is the Caribbean. It is affordable, discountable, negotiable and good value. Here you can find a product built by Lagoon Catamarans that will satisfy your wife, kids, and friends and impress the in-laws. The Catamarans we offer are luxury, large, spacious and affordable.

We recommend a Lagoon 50 ft Catamaran located in Tortola, BVI or the Grenadines. Ad a skipper, adds a chef and you are set for the best family vacation in your life. It will be memorable but most of all the entire family will want to charter again. Proving that you did something right!

The Catamaran Company will assist you with all the details. Whether you are in the Middle East, USA or any part of the world. Log onto our website to book online, see our specials, and meet our staff and more.

Hope to see all those American Expats in Abu Dhabi Nov 25th - 29th, 2008

Click on this website for more info on the show:
Emirates Boat Show

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