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Mommy wants Tequila
Mommy wants Tequila
cause it keeps her slim and Dad won't get that hungover on charter. And it helps fight Dads cholesterol and control Mommy's blood sugar. It also helps Mommy sleep better during charter and helps numb Dads boat bites plus it makes Dad look more attractive for those 7 days on charter.
Tequila wants Mommy
Tequila wants Mommy cause she doesn't have to waste more calories on chasers during charter. And it makes her feel less fat compared to drinks like Caribe or Mount Gay Rum. Mommy likes Tequila cause everyone respects Dad when showing up at Foxy's on Tequila.
Mommy wants to charter Tequila
Because Tequila is $4,500 per week in the summer with a 10% discount. Charter Tequila Lagoon 400 in BVI – 3 Cabins – Owners version with VIP suite especially for Mommy. Charter rates start at $4,500 per week in Summer. Mention "Mommy Wants Tequila" and we will give you 10% off you summer 2015 vacation aboard Tequila, Lagoon 400
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$50, 000 off when Mommy buys Tequila!
Buy Tequila for charter in BVI for charter. Earn guaranteed payment of $2,666 per month for 3 years. Zero operating & maintenance expenses. Up to 6 weeks of usage per year for Mommy. Get Sell sheet delivered automatically into inbox & mention
"Mommy wants Tequila"
Was $499,000
Now: $449,000
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