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Tortola's 51st August Emancipation Festival,
Tortola, British Virgin Islands
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August 2005

Tortola's 51st August Emancipation Festival

August is Carnival time in Tortola and our capital Road Town is currently awash with colour, bunting and celebration at every turn, to celebrate the 51st August Emancipation Festival.  The carnival village opened on Friday 22nd July and showcases all the best bands in the Caribbean, along with local acts too. In addition to this there are many other side shows, rides, Mocko Jumbies and food stalls within the village.  The main event during Carnival has to be the parade through the streets of Road Town, this year held on Monday 1st of August. Huge over the top outfits ablaze with vibrant colours, music, dancing and fire juggling all add to the huge spectacle. Once you've experienced it once you'll never forget the sights, sounds and smells that are all part of a very special Caribbean Carnival procession.  Why not book your charter to coincide with next years festival? It's well worth making the effort to be here.