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The Voyage of Blue Star 31
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Tammy and Jay have planned for the last 8 years to buy a catamaran, move on board and cruise the 7 seas.
During the process of buying their catamaran from The Catamaran Company they met Zsolt at the 1997 Annapolis Boat Show. Zsolt had just delivered the new Privilege 465 from France.
“When I first met Tammy and Jay, I mistook them for some Rock and Roll celebrities who were lost and were about to ask me directions to the powerboats” (zsolt)
From then on they became friends; Jay even accompanied Zsolt on several offshore deliveries.

For the next 6 years Jay and Tammy where going back and forth with their broker Michael Harris, in search for the catamaran that would fit them best. Jay had tons of custom ideas, which most shipyards would shy away from.
Eventually a Lagoon 570 was selected and ordered with 3-cabin layout, all owners’ suite in the starboard hull, galley up, and bulkhead steering. State of the art electronics, communications, Jacuzzi bathtub, honeycomb lightweight floors, are only a few items on the long list of options on board. The boat won the best-outfitted Lagoon award in 2005.

The long awaited launch took place in August 2005, in Bordeaux, France. Near disaster struck when two of the mooring lines parted and the current of the river got a hold of the catamaran while still attached to the launching crane. Only the swift action of the people on board and the cool hands of the crane operator averted complete disaster. Still at the end there was a broken arm and some paint damage to remind us never rush anything around boats.

The next 8 months aboard Blue Star where a blur of hard work, where mostly Jay, had worked out the inherited problems of the new catamaran, while sailing through the North Atlantic Islands  (Madeira, Canaries, Cape Verde), and transiting the Atlantic to the Caribbean then to Florida.
Tammy on her transatlantic crossing:
“ The Transatlantic crossing was an experience of a lifetime. After being broken in by Zsolt on the Canary islands to Cape Verde crossing, having to do 6 hour shifts , the 3 hours on & 6 hours off for the Transatlantic was rather welcoming. The 11 days were filled with the daily activities of our routine of being on watch and cooking and watching our weather was all very exciting as every day we got closer to our destination. The night watches brought all the excitement needed with all the squalls coming on my watch. One morning a baby Orca swam along with us for 2 hours and that was an awesome experience. The sense of accomplishment that I felt when we saw land is indescribable and I will never forget this amazing opportunity and experience as long as  live”

Jay on the first 6 months:
 “After taking possession of our new boat on my 50th birthday the elation and anticipation was overwhelming. Finally my dream was here and now I had to learn how to work with all my intricate systems that I had requested. Little did I know at that time the toll it would take over the next 6 months. Growing pains is what they’re called I suppose as with any new baby and the work became insurmountable at times. Fortunately the support and assistance of Catamaran Company and our agent Michael Harris in dealing with most of the problems were invaluable. The balance of the difficulties was eventually solved with myself and Zsolt who literally helped me to rebuild a lot of the boat. After 6 months of work and almost at the point of total frustration& disappointment, Tam & I made the decision to have Zsolt join us full time and with this decision and his full commitment relief came quickly as all systems were working. Life was great again and now I was really ready to begin this adventure to explore the world.” 

It was in Ft Lauderdale at the end of January 2006 where Tammy and Jay made the decision to ask Zsolt to join them on Blue Star as their captain.
“ (Jay) Tammy & I can run this boat ourselves, but with Zsolt and his experience on board we can maximize our enjoyment, and comfort level. This way we can leave the boat any time any place, fly home to Canada knowing that the boat will be in good hands. The extra bonus is having a friend & partner in crime, on board whose company we enjoy”
Zsolt at the time was working for Catamaran Company on Mega Catamaran related projects. It only took a minute to say yes to welcome the adventure Blue Star was offering.
Now Tammy and Jay had all the ingredients and only needed to start their voyage plan.

The Plan:

A slow circumnavigation, which may take 4 years.

The planed voyage will take Blue Star from Ft Lauderdale, starting in May 2006, trough the Bahamas, St Martin, Windwards, Lewards, ABC’s, to the western Caribbean by Christmas. At the start of 2007 play in Honduras, Belize, (Cuba?), then head south to Panama for and early April canal transit to the Pacific.
Galapagos, Marquesas, Tuamotus, Society Islands, Cook Islands, Tonga are all part of the journey till October, when Blue Star will head south for New Zealand to escape the approaching South Pacific hurricane season.

The rest of the plan is still to be defined.

We created this page for those of you who would like to follow the realization of Jay and Tammy’s incredible dream. The videos they are sending us will make you want to pack up and sail in their footsteps.
You are encouraged to ask questions regarding their everyday life on board, technical questions relating to catamarans and cruising, trip planning and specific information relating to places they just traveled through.

Still pictures are shot with Nikon D70 digital camera,

Video footage shot with Sony FX-1 HDV camera, and the film edited on Apple computer using Final Cut Pro. Underwater housing by Light and Motion (Bluefin HD)