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Leeward islands are the west part of Archipel de la Société

They are high volcanic islands quite close to each other and surrounded by turquoise-blue lagoons. Bora Bora is definitely the most famous of them, on account of its magnificent lagoon.

However, the other islands are every bit as good as Bora Bora with their diversity, beauty and most of all their inhabitants whose friendliness is legendary..

Just picture yourself briefly swimming or wading in turquoise-blue waters on an early morning exploration of an uninhabited 'motu' you dropped anchor nearby the day before, while the crew is preparing a continental breakfast aboard your floating hotel.

Northern of Tahiti, Tuamotu archipelago

Faraway from the usual sailing cruises proposed to visitors, discover Tuamotu. This archipelago is only composed with atolls, last remnants of ancient volcanoes from which remains only the coral crown.

The different cruise program we propose will make you discover the following atolls: Fakarava, Toau, Apataki, Rangiroa et Tikehau.

During stops in the middle of a virgin landscape, you enjoy an unforgettable moment under starry sky.

Whatever the visited islands, you always meet these colours and lights illuminating Polynesia....

Distances and islands

Bora Bora, Tahaa, Raiatea and Huahine are part of Leeward islands. Reaching 2000m altitude (6500ft) these mountain islands are surrounded by coral barrier. Tuamotu archipelago 400 km northern of Tahiti is only constituted by low islands, atolls surrounding lagoons with exceptional colours.

Tahiti and its islands are located in the South Pacific, 17,000 km from Europe. The 118 islands that constitute the territory are scattered on a surface area as large as Europe and compose 5 archipelagos.

Tahiti located in Society Archipelago, is the biggest and the most inhabited having 150.000 inhabitants.

Climates and winds

Sea and winds perfect conditions.

A tropical climate...
The French Polynesian islands enjoy a tropical climate with a maximum amount of sunshine reaching 3,000 hours annually in the Tuamotus!

*The temperatures, always pleasant, are cooled by the Trade Winds blowing all year round. Average temperature is 27°C, while water temperature is 25°C