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The islands of Madagascar, Seychelles and Mauritius, called the "Garden Of Eden," by some, border South Africa's eastern coastline and are a quick, 2-hour plane ride from South Africa's main gateway cities.

The third largest island in the world, Madagascar, with its unique wildlife and culture, is located just off the east coast of Africa. Further afield are the islands of Mauritius and Reunion with their super beaches and fantastic variety of adventure activities and water sports. The countless islands of the Maldives and the Seychelles all feature fantastic diving and snorkeling as well as some of the best anchorages in the world.

The Indian Ocean offers unique sailing and is unaffected by mass tourism with breathtaking beaches and phenomenal diving. The amazing, untouched coral reefs, crystal-clear waters, and superb sailing conditions make the Indian Ocean one of the best sailing destinations in the world.

There are several quality catamarans to charter in the Indian Ocean. It is highly recommended to charter a catamaran due to its shallow draft. Due to the vast amounts of coral reefs and shallow sailing grounds, a catamaran proves its worth, not to mention the stability and overall exterior and interior space.


Cut off from the African mainland for millions of years, Madagascar's teeming forests are a naturalist's damp dream; they've preserved oddities and developed specializations found nowhere else on Earth, and you can get among them in a spectacular collection of accessible national parks. The sailing area is in the North around the island of Nosy Be.

The islands have varied landscape and are mostly still deserted and are exceptionally beautiful. The anchorages are magnificent and well protected. The mainland of Madagascar blocks the majority of the trade winds which result in a superb sailing ground for catamaran charterers. The waters also are full of fish for the passionate fisherman or diver.

Catamarans Available in Madagascar

Type Price # of Guests # of Cabins Condition
Mahe 36 3,750 Euro 6 3 Doubles Bareboat
Dean 440 4,620 Euros 6 4 Doubles + 1 single Bareboat
Bahia 46 5,082 Euros 10 4 Doubles + 2 single Bareboat
Marquise 56 14,000 Euros 8 4 Double cabins Crewed


Mauritius is a small island located in the southwestern Indian Ocean. The coastline of 330 km is almost entirely surrounded by one of the largest unbroken coral reefs in the world.

Mauritius consists of a group of islands situated approximately 900 km east of Madagascar.

The main port of Port Louis is the perfect starting point for your charter, offering plenty of boats to choose from, provisioning, as well as a lively night life. The most popular charter yachts for this cruising ground are catamarans, and the shallow drafts of these boats make them ideal for swimming and exploring the coral reefs.

Catamarans Available in Mauritius

Type Price # of Guests # of Cabins Condition
Nautitech 80 20,664 Euros 16 8 Crewed
Catana 471 6,300 Euros 8 8 Bareboat


Today, Seychelles welcomes a new generation of sailors to its pristine waters to enjoy the myriad treasures that have remained wonderfully intact since the occupants of Arab dhows first marveled at these islands' astonishing beauty.

115 sparkling and diverse islands set like gemstones in an azure sea combine year-round sailing with international and local charter companies that provide a wide selection of specialized craft, both skippered and bareboat, to offer the sailing experience of a lifetime.

Stroll on stunning white beaches, swim in seductively warm waters and cruise from one sweeping bay to another in an area often referred to as the original "Garden of Eden." This paradise on earth consists of more than 100 islands - almost half of which are set aside as national parks, nature preserves and protected areas. The Seychelles lie 1,000 miles east of Africa in the center of the Indian Ocean, four degrees south of the equator.

Catamarans are widely available throughout the Indian Ocean. And many of them are worthy of a 5-star hotel rating, featuring ample space for you and your group to relax. The Seychelles is the most popular sailing destination in the Indian Ocean.

Catamarans Available in Mauritius

Type Price # of Guests # of Cabins Condition
Privilege 49 4,378 Euro 10 4 doubles/2 singles Bareboat
Catana 471 4,704 Euros 10 4 doubles/2 singles Bareboat
Salina 48 4,578 Euros 10 4 doubles/2 singles Bareboat
Bahia 46 4,371 Euros 12 4 doubles/2 singles Bareboat
Lagoon 440 4,207 Euro 12 4 doubles/2 singles Bareboat
Dean 41 3,437 Euros 9 3 Cabins/2 singles Bareboat
Catana 432 3,850 Euros 10 4 Cabins/2 singles Bareboat
Lavezzi 40 3,465 Euros 10-11 4 Doubles/2 singles Bareboat
Nautitech 82 4,311 Euros 16 8 Doubles Crewed
Eluthera 60 16,940 Euros 10 5 Doubles Crewed
Marquise 56 13,860 Euros 8 4 Doubles/2 Singles Crewed

The catamaran guide to the Indian Ocean is based on a 7-day charter. Rates are subject to change and those above are a general guide for a weeklong charter. Check with your charter agent for current rates. Some catamarans in certain locations may require a skipper. Catamarans can be delivered to different islands of the Indian Ocean for a delivery fee. Some mandatory extras apply. Rates are based on June/July 2010 and coincide with the 2010 FIFA World Cup taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The islands of the Indian Ocean are accessible from airports in several African, Asian and European capitals as well as from the U.S. and Australia. Countries servicing these islands include South Africa, Madagascar, Kenya, India, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, England, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and others. The major airlines flying to Mauritius include Air Mauritius, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Air France, South African Airways, Condor, Emirates and others.