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Tioman Sea Park Islands are located off south east coast of Malaysia. Often classified among the ten most beautiful islands in the world. Every visitor is charmed by these volcanic islands, covered by dense and varied vegetation.

Time looks like being stopped: no cars, only taxi boats. All the year long, temperature is constant, between 28° & 30° (sea at 28°). Fine white sand beach, crystal waters, submarine fauna and flora are extremely colourful and varied, welcoming and discrete population guarantees dream vacations.

Itinerary - Tioman Cruise 8 days / 7 nights

Day 1 : Tiomant

Embarkation in Tekek marina, the only marina of the island. Installation on board and security briefing as well as cruise program. 45 mn navigation toward North to Salang bay.

Moorings in front of one of the most beautiful beach of the island, edged with a few local shops and bars bustling at night. First swimming and farniente after one night flight.

Day 2 : Coral island - Pulau Seribuat/Pulau Sembilang

45 mn navigation toward Coral Island, to moor in front of a magnificent white sandy beach. Close to the shore, you will see varans, these giant lizards sometimes reaching 3 meters, directly coming from prehistory. Snorkelling among very rich and varied sea depths.

After lunch, 3 hours of navigation to reach Pulau Seribuat / Pulau Sembilang. Mooring between two islands. Exploration of mangrove. At low tide, a wide strip of white sand appears and both islands are meeting. A stroll in Robinson Crusoe's way.

Day 3 : Pulau Harimau - Pulau Rawa - Pulau Tengah

2 h 30 navigation through stick of islets of Pulau Harimau & Pulau Rawa. Moorings swimming in crystal waters, then lunch in this preserved paradise.

45 mn navigation toward Pulau Tengah (where Survivor program was shot). Swimming & snorkelling in these transparent waters.

Day 4 : Pulau Tinggi - Pulau Sibu

2 h navigation toward Pulau Tinggi. Mooring: swimming, snorkelling, sun bath. After lunch, 1 h navigation toward Pulau Sibu. Peaceful atmosphere on the beach, edged with some local bars and restaurants for a nice happy hour.

Day 5 : Pulau Ao

4 h navigation for the most beautiful island of the Tioman archipelago. Mooring and lunch in the channel between Aor & Pulau Dayang. The inhabitants of Aor, live with fishing and agriculture (many coconut palm trees). This island offers many fine white sandy beaches, edged with big granite rocks, looking like the ones of Seychelles.
After lunch, Island excursion, with quite easy ascent till top of Batu Berhala, a very impressive rock formation, from its top view point is splendid to discover all Tioman islands group. 10 mn walk will lead you to a typical village with its police station, its school, tiny post office etc....

Day 6 : Pulau Aor - Pulau Pinang

Navigation along the coast and moorings close to some of the most beautiful beaches: swimming and snorkelling in crystal waters, full of corals and multicoloured fishes. Lunch BBQ on a beach.

You will hear the screams of numerous local minas. In the evening, back to the mooring into the channel.

Day 7 : Pulau Pemangil - Tioman

2 h 30 navigation to reach Pulau Pemangil. Snorkelling above a 19th century commercial ship wreck, at 10 meters depth. Corals offer an outstanding range of colours and you are surrounded by hundred of fishes. Lunch on a mooring North West of the island, edged with typical fisherman huts. 2 h navigation back to Tekek (Tioman).

Discovery of Tekek, administrative & commercial centre of the islands. There you can purchase local handcraft on the market. Village stretches along a 800 m road, giving the opportunity of a last walk.

Day 8 : Disembarkation at 7.00 AM


Best period is between April to October (contrary to Phuket), few rain, clear sky.
Winds are from South-East, average of 15 Knots. However, winds are parallel to the coast, so cruises often require to sail close to the wind or on the quarter.

Sometimes in the evening, west squalls (20 to 40 knots), are sprinkling moorings located west sides of islands (protected from South-East winds), but it's more rare these last years.