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Gemini Legacy 35
New Gemini Legacy Catamarans for Sale
Gemini Legacy 35


Take 30 years of innovation in catamaran design, 40 years of the finest, most advanced research and development in American yacht manufacturing, passion, customer feedback, craftsmanship, and an entirely new, collaborative way of doing business and the result is stunning:

Gemini Catamarans continue to be one of the most popular cruising catamarans on the market with over 1,000 boats sailing in virtually every corner of the world. The new partnership between Gemini Catamarans and Catalina Yachts means the best catamaran design has been combined with one of the most prominent builders of sailboats in the world.

This arrangement has allowed Gemini to continue as the world's most affordable cruising catamaran while also adding the most advanced interior design of any catamaran in her class. This new Gemini Legacy 35 by Hunter is truly stunning; a combination of the most advanced, earth friendly materials with a clean and simple, yet warm and richly appointed interior. Check out all the latest interior photos here.

The Gemini catamaran design has benefitted from five major model changes over the production run and countless refinements so that today's Gemini Legacy 35 catamarans for sale represent the pinnacle of practical cruising catamaran design. The Gemini is unique among cruising catamarans with features such as lifting, asymmetrical centerboards, underhung lifting rudders, the Sillette Sail Drive, generous accommodations, and dimensions that fit standard mooring slips (14' beam, 34' length).

As one of the world's largest catamaran dealers, The Catamaran Company brings a wealth of knowledge, marketing prowess, and skilled sales and logistical professionals to promote and support the sale of the Gemini Catamaran to one of the largest sailboat markets in the United States.

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