John Anderson, Yacht Sales

It all started io on Lakin Ohe Erie.... I bought my first yacht (or boat) in 1975 -- a Venture 22'.

I trailered that boat all over, from Pymatuning Lake on the Ohio / Pennsylvania border to Sandusky at Cedar Point Marina. After a few years and acquiring a real boat slip at Cedar Point Marina, I purchased my second yacht, a Catalina 27'.
I sailed around the west end of Lake Erie with the Catalina and about three years later, purchased yacht #3 -- an Alberg 35' in 1982.

I did some brokering on a part time basis at this time. Sold a couple boats in addition to my own previous boats. My career was manufacturing and had a great start in corporate materials management for a great company, Stock Equipment based in Chagrin Falls Ohio manufacturing equipment for both Nuclear and Coal fired power plants.

The itch to go cruising
Then I got the itch to go "cruising". Fixed up and outfitted the Alberg to live on and cruise for a year. I left Ohio in 1984 and cruised down the East coast on the Inter coastal Waterway.

I spent a winter in the Florida Keys, then went up to Annapolis, Maryland. Lived on this boat in Annapolis for five years.

While in Annapolis I found or they found me, Annapolis Yacht Sales. After spending a couple of seasons handling commissioning and after sales customer service, I had the opportunity to enter the world of Yacht Sales and never could give it up!!

In 1988, while still in Annapolis, I sold the Alberg and bought a Pearson 424 and continued to live aboard. In 1990, moved to Palmetto Florida living aboard at Regatta Pointe Marina. I worked at Massey Yacht Sales as a broker. Sold the Pearson in 1991, but have lived near the water and be around boats ever since. Some lovely little crafts passed through my hands to include a great little Chris Craft Skiff that I rebuilt.

Keeping up with new trends
I like to stay with the new trends, in 1996 moved to the Miami area and signed on with The Catamaran Company as a yacht broker. I have had great pleasure in being part of this Companies and this industry's growth.

In all, I have spent some 17 years selling yachts having always maintained a tie to companies that have been involved as a New Yacht Dealership with a strong influence in the Brokerage Marketplace. These companies have always had outlets for placement in in-house charter fleets from the Chesapeake to the Caribbean. It has been a great career.

Some might be able to add up all the boats sold, some place a dollar value on transactions to date. I prefer to think of the customers and boats and the wonderful places that all have visited. Okay, just for the fun of it, I would imagine it would be well over 30M in negotiated transacted dollars via hundreds of yachts sold both list and sell.

I am a member of the "Million Dollar Club" but thoroughly can enjoy working with folks looking for their 1st from 10 to 10M. Each new sale is as much of an adventure for me as it is for my customers.

Developing relationships with customers
I have traveled to many ports around the world to "close" deals on yachts, have many more sources of yachts than just BUC and Yacht World. Pride myself on the relationships developed within the industry that allows my customers the best opportunity to buy the best boat at the best price.

I am capable in a multiple number of venues whether new construct to brokerage, multi-hull/mono-hull as well as power/sail. I have a bit of a twist via my personal website that I invite any and all to visit, enjoy!

John Anderson
Yacht Sales

404 Riberia Street
St Augustine Fl, 32084

Phone: (954) 449-4649
Cell: (954) 821-6450
Fax: (954) 727-0024

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